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  1. hey can you upload a bluray version of swades in 1080p? thx 🙂

  2. bro u have done a good job bro plz upload Dhadkan 2000 Hindi 720p

  3. Sir I request you khatro k khiladi episode3 episode4 session 8 HD format 2017 upload link to download

  4. please upload
    chalo ishq ladaye hd 720p

    and thanks for upload kyo kii mein juth nahi bolta

  5. Hi, why there is no new movies uploaded we are waiting for new uploads ???????

  6. Mr Green! Please reupload sirf tum 1999 movie with full runtime. Your upload runtime is 2h 6m. Real is 2h 50m.there are no songs in it. Please reupload.

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